27 Sep 2018to01 Jan 2050

Trapeza is looking for someone : - Passionate by finance, fintech and innovation, interest on Blockchain - Open to challenges, and willing to develop ideas and project together - Able to analyze the market, industry and business model - Draft a business model and pitch it in front of a crowd - Be curious and openminded You don't have to have all these skills just one or two is already great =)

The aptitudes: Seller Strategist Organizer

Spoken languages: English French

Project description

Business activities: Entrepreneurship Finance and insurance Social innovation

Finance is in your everyday life, it's all the eco-system that allows you to pay your bill, received your paycheck, finance the economy, and invest your money responsibly and efficiently. Trapeza is willing to offer: - A solution for immigrants, homeless, students to pay, send and receive money easily and at low cost - Educate people on managing their budget and invest their money efficiently in the economy. What are we looking for? : 1- You're passionate and willing to have a social impact toward populations that are underserved by the financial system. 2. You're ready to work with people from different background, culture and experiences, propose and build solutions together.

3 other roles required for this project