Accessibilité à l'impression 3D | Accessbility to 3D printing
30 Sep 2018to01 Nov 2018

Expert en design 3D avec de l'experience en design pour l'impresison 3D. Cette personne devra être capable de traduire des idées et concepts des gens interessés à utiliser nos services d'impression 3D et interagir avec d'autres designeurs 3D dans le but de créer des modèles qui sont imprimables. De plus, l'expert en design va aider à creer le contenue de la platform web qui va simplifier le processus de commande. Expert in 3D design with experience in 3D printing. The 3D designer must be capable of translating ideas and concept of potential customers and interact with other designers to which they may outsource work in order to create models that are printable. Further, the expert in design will help in creating the content of the web platform that will simplify the ordering process.

The aptitudes: Manager Informant Conscientious

Spoken languages: English French

Project description

Business activities: Ecology Manufacturing Sustainable development

3D printing technologies are still not accessible enough to make their use mainstream. Either outsourcing options are too pricey or in-house solutions are too time consuming and require internal expertise. Further, additive manufacturing is inherently more environmentally friendly than subtractive technologies, given only the material needed to form the product is used. Our vision is to make fused filament fabrication accessible to anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life. This will be possible through extensive automation of the manufacturing processes and the development of a user-centric ordering platform. This will reduce the costs, lead times and barrier to entry.

1 other role required for this project