AI Aide (AIA)
02 Oct 2018to02 Oct 2019

ability to wear many hats from engineering / development to management / evangelist. Open to out-of-box thinking. Be curious, relentlessly curious and, able and willing to go down rabbit holes. (As this project most likely to have a few rabbit holes.)

The aptitudes: Searcher Seller Developer

Spoken languages: English

Project description

Business activities: Environment

AI Aide (AIA) - (Problem statement: How to rethink our ways of living in society to reduce the amount of waste and improve their management ? ) As we are walking around with a smartphone, a tracking device 24/7, recoding our location and other private information include (wearable heart monitor) heart / pulse monitoring... Objective to build the AIA to learn about the individual's habits & activities over a period, then after "sometime, sufficient..." training; the system will be able (start) to make recommendation for improvement of reducing waste for better living. AIA will train, grow and learn from the individual daily habits. Trello: