WIP Labs Inc
04 Oct 2018to04 Oct 2019

This is a a non-technical role. We are a co-working space looking to find engaged communities to share our space. As the community manager you are tasked with managing the day to day needs as well as build in roads with within our local district and the city as a a whole.

The aptitudes: Creator Genius Entrepreneur

Spoken languages: English French

Project description

Business activities: Arts, music and spectacle Social innovation Technologies

The WIP Labs Inc. is a creative co-working spaces, that fosters a creative environment through collaboration with the Arts and STEM. The WIP Labs are building a collaborative ecosystems of: artists, designers, architects, craftsmen, technologist, writers, video editors and legal, consulting groups, etc. to re-invigorate and re-purpose under performing spaces. Spaces with creative themes, for examples all the departments of a media agency, or performance and event planning, make for viable ecosystem. Events and exhibition as well as added services such as a print center, a coffee shop and weekly, pop-up shops are all currently operational.