ZeroWaste goes Viral
07 Oct 2018to30 Nov 2020

This is a project based on the creation of a communication strategy. I would like to have someone who is familiar with communication platforms and tools.

The aptitudes: Go-ahead type

Spoken languages: English

Project description

Business activities: Environment

It seems to be a vicious circle when it comes to reducing consumption. The purpose is to change consumer´s habits. However, any item is produced based on the idea that is needed and it is needed based on its availability. Then, let´s try something different to reduce the waste produced by irresponsible production and irresponsible consumption. What if we create another need? The need for business to obtain the Zero Waste label. It will be granted if a business follows certain criteria based on the national strategy to transform Canada in a Zero Waste Zone. This label will be a competitive advantage and with the time it will become a must-have for every business.