Bricobio: New, Alternative Biotech
08 Oct 2018to08 Oct 2019

No experience necessary, just creativity and imagination. Got a crazy new idea in biotech that you want to try out? Or a real life problem that can be solved by genetic engineering? Or maybe an idea for a new artistic medium based on living things? Our goal is to introduce you to biotechnology and what it can be used for. Apply here and you'll get to meet more scientists, artists and mentors to help develop and work on your ideas.

The aptitudes: Creator Entrepreneur Go-ahead type

Spoken languages: English French

Project description

Business activities: Education - Teaching Entrepreneurship Technologies

Biology is hard and complicated. We're finding ways to make it a lot easier, and a lot more fun. Join us and learn to make things using biotechnology. You can work together on big ideas, and products that you can take home. Our goal is to create a community that is focused on discovering or building great and inspiring things using biotechnology. Some projects may focus on making a big discovery, inventing a new technology, learning something new about our local environment, creating a new art piece or developing a new product. Team members can be coming from any background, and experienced mentors volunteer to support the teams. Teams present their work as demos or product sales.


3 other roles required for this project