Team for The CorpConnector
15 Sep 2017to22 Sep 2018

Je cherche quelqu'un pour faire le site qui a les fonctionnalités suivantes : - afficher du contenu en forme de blogue - capacité de partager le contenu dans les médias suiavntes : Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook et Slack - permet aux utilisateurs d'entamer une discussion - laisser des commentaires sur l'article I am looking for someone to create the website that has the following features: - displays content in a blog format - sharing capabilities on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slack - Allows users to initiate a discussion/leave comments on article

The aptitudes: Creator Strategist Developer

Spoken languages: English French

Project description

Business activities: Entrepreneurship Marketing Technologies

The CorpConnector is currently developing its website and is looking for a team to collaborate with us on this new startup adventure. If you are a student looking to develop your portfolio, if you are passionate about the startup world, if you are an awesome human being, then The CorpConnector is right for you,

2 other roles required for this project