Mobile Community Business Management Tool
31 Aug 2018to31 Dec 2018

Back End Mobile Application Developer responsibilities: - Work with the Management team to best develop a back end platform to best support mobile applications. - User interface/front end development comprehension is needed because the user experience is a key aspect of the success of the platform - An understanding of business management platforms such as Salesforce or any project management mobile application. Experience in development or management of similar platforms is preferable. - Comfortable with creating community marketplace module where users post their products and services for other members. Or at least have the skill sets and knowledge to execute the plans by management and strategy team. ######## Role offers great opportunity to gain experience with startup attempting to revolutionize its targeted market's ecosystem. Compensation will be provided for the selected candidate. Possible full time paid position with bonus/options comp once project at full commercialization stage.

The aptitudes: Genius Go-ahead type Developer

Spoken languages: English

Project description

Business activities: Construction Entrepreneurship Wholesale

**Paid Opportunity** The project is to develop a mobile business management platform for under-served growing multi billion dollar trade service market. The mission is to be the gold standard management platform. User experience is a key function as the app will need to be intuitive. Preferable location is within the Island of Montreal. Planning to complete the platform over the following few months, by end of 2018. Searching for candidate(s) with the passion and ability to develop mobile applications and the back end to support the platform. Compensation will be provided for the selected individual(s).

1 other role required for this project