Transition In Care
26 Sep 2018to24 Sep 2020

By applying an innovative approach of co-construction with expert from various discipline (healthcare workers, technology, innovation, designers, researcher, cybersecurity) we will be able to redesign the patient journey with an Integrating of digital solutions.

Project description

Business activities: Hospital and health Health Technologies

This project aims to find a digital solution to improve the transition in care of children living with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) from pediatric to adult care. More than 3000 children live with IBD in Canada. IBD, chronic conditions of the intestinal tract, may occur in children at any age. The transition in care from childhood to adulthood is an inevitable event due to the incurable nature of these diseases. Three main barriers can make this transition in care difficult: education, communication, lack of empowerment. By applying an innovative approach of co-construction with experts from various disciplines we will, together, be able to redesign the best patient journey.

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