FLITE Material Sciences Corporation
21 sept. 2018 au 21 sept. 2019

As a startup company, the President is responsible for the company's vision, executing the business model, building the first team members and client base, and raising capital.

Les aptitudes: Vendeur Entrepreneur Stratège

Langues parlées : Anglais Français

Description du projet

Sphères d'activité: Aéronautique et Aérospatial Ingénierie Innovation

FLITE is the licensor for technology developed at the University of Rochester's prestigious Institute of Optics. We are able to transform the surface of ordinary materials with lasers to repel water or oil without using chemical coatings. The result is a disruptive change for many industries who want to prevent ice, rust, or the buildup of waste on the surface of their products, while remaining friendly to the body and the environment.